Manage your Installations with Stand By Me

Daikin Professional

Use Stand By Me to manage installations and keep track of your customers warranties.

Schematics - Altherma 3

Download the latest schematic book for piping & wiring diagrams of all our Altherma 3 heat pumps -

Find out more information about Stand By Me in these videos

E-Care App

How our Daikin E-Care App works with Stand By Me

Daikin Installer Registration

A step by step walk through of managing your Installations.

Heating Solutions Navigator (HSN)

HSN is a digital toolbox developed for Daikin professionals to assist in choosing the best fit solution for your customers home.

Altherma 3 User Interface

How you can easily control the Altherma 3 floor standing model.

Altherma 3 - Initial Set Up

A demonstration of how to configure an Altherma 3 from first power on.

Altherma 3 - Installer and End User Settings

How to switch from the end user settings to the installer settings and change any of the initial input parameters


  • Easy contact with the end user
  • Keep track of maintenance & repairs
  • Gain points & rewards based on your installs
  • Use HSN to configure installations