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Stand By Me

Stand By Me is the Daikin Portal which gives you an overview of your installed system. By registering your system with Stand By Me you can keep record of your warranty, find your service partner and have peace of mind with your heating system. Once your system has been commissioned by your installer you can register your system via your commissioning code. If you don't have this code contact your installer and request it. Otherwise contact Daikin.

View some of our videos for information about your Daikin system

Altherma 3 User Interface

How you can easily control the Altherma 3 floor standing model.

Altherma Working Principle

How our Altherma 3 Wall Hung system works with under floor heating, radiators and your domestic hot water. The principal is the same for all our systems.

Altherma 3 - Turn Heating On/Off

How to turn your heating and hot water on/off with the Altherma 3 interface.

Altherma 3 - Set Schedules

Set your schedule on your Altherma 3 Interface

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What are the benefits?

  • Have peace of mind with your heating system
  • Live record of your Daikin installation
  • Easly manage your Daikin warranty
  • Keep up to date with all servicing and repairs


Manage your Installations with Stand By Me


Daikin Professional

Use Stand By Me to manage installations and keep track of your customers warranties. Log your installations to earn points and potential awards via the Stand By Me Homepage or the Daikin e-care app. Upload the commissioning document and all other relevant info and let the end user register their warranty with ease.

Find out more information about Stand By Me in these videos

Daikin Installer Registration

A step by step walk through of managing your Installations.

E-Care App

How our Daikin E-Care App works with Stand By Me

Heating Solutions Navigator (HSN)

HSN is a digital toolbox developed for Daikin professionals to assist in choosing the best fit solution for your customers home.

Altherma 3 User Interface

How you can easily control the Altherma 3 floor standing model.

Altherma 3 - Initial Set Up

A demonstration of how to configure an Altherma 3 from first power on.

Altherma 3 - Installer and End User Settings

How to switch from the end user settings to the installer settings and change any of the initial input parameters

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  • Easy contact with the end user
  • Keep track of maintenance & repairs
  • Gain points & rewards based on your installs
  • Use HSN to configure installations