Frequently asked questions

Stand By Me is the new connectivity platform that allows you to find all the necessary information about your purchased unit and manage all the warranty-related issues in one place. It also gives you information about who your current service partner is, so in case you have a question, or a problem with your unit, you can easily ask for support. All you need to do is to register your unit on the Stand By Me website.

We are continuously developing Stand By Me and adding several functionalities to it to give you better support and provide you with exclusive possibilities that will ensure your unit operates with the highest efficiencies for a long time, thus providing you with the highest level of comfort. By registering on Stand By Me you secure your long term peace of mind and save costs in the future.

By registering your unit, you can access the live record of your product. After we have this data, we can act with much faster reaction times, in case the installer has to go on site or we need to order spare parts for your unit.

If for any reason you did not receive a Commissioning Code to register your unit you should contact your installer and request your code and commissioning cert.

Alternatively contact Daikin at with the Serial/MFG Number(s) of your system to hand.

By registering your unit, you can access information about your product and keep your warranty online and service partner details online.

We are constantly striving to improve the services that the Stand By Me platform provides to our customers. We need your contact information and some information about your unit so that we can provide you with high quality support and better communication between you and your service partner.

The E-package system is a extended warranty which would be automatically updated on Stand By Me once end user register the product on Stand By Me. The duration of extended warranty is dependent upon the partnership level of the installer.

If you don't get the e-package automatically, you can contact Daikin at for further assistance.

A Daikin service partner is an installer who has a strong knowledge in Daikin products, their functions and has high expertise in installing and servicing Daikin climate control systems.

When registering your unit on Stand By Me, the installer of your unit automatically becomes your service partner. This assigned service partner will be responsible for the execution of all maintenance and repairs to your unit in the future. Being linked to a specific service partner ensures you always know who to contact when something happens to your unit.

If for any reason you need to change your service partner, or if you do not have a service partner on Stand By Me, you will find a list of our trusted service partners on the Stand By Me homepage under the Service & Maintenance tab.

Daikin require your Heat Pump is serviced annually.

When your unit is registered in the Stand By Me system and the installation date is given, the system automatically schedules the future maintenance dates. You and your service partner will receive reminders automatically by e-mail from the system 3 months before, 3 weeks before and then 7 days before the given deadlines.

Your service partner will contact you personally before each deadline to schedule the date and time that suits both of you. If for any reason your service partner does not contact you it is your responsibility to contact them.

If you miss a maintenance deadline your warranty may be void.

You can contact Daikin Ireland with the MFG Number(s)(Serial Number) and product code of your system to hand. The MFG number can be obtained on a grey sticker which would be there on your indoor or outdoor unit.

You can E-mail us at with the details mentioned above and we can follow up with you regarding the same or on any other queries.

Your heat pump should be serviced every year from the date of commissioning. by a trained Daikin service agent.

An annual service will;

Ensure your Daikin system is operating efficiently at optimal conditions,
Prevent expensive repairs by identifying any complications before they develop,
Protect your warranty,
And most of all provide you with peace of mind.