Frequently asked questions

Mainly there are 2 type of units: outdoor and indoor.
The outdoor unit can be mounted on the patio floor, wall hung, in the garden and up to 50mtr away* being given that a proper air circulation and drainage is provided for the potential condensation generated by the outdoor.
*Only split double fan units can be installed as far as 50mtr and up to 15mtr height difference.
The indoor unit most of the times is associated with the DHW cylinder, which an be an integrated one or a separate storage unit. The integrated unit comes in 180 & 260ltr cylinders, where the separate storage tanks, can be 150, 200 & 300ltr.

All our outdoor units have a built-n "quiet level control" function. This allows us to modulate the fans speed up and down to suit certain requirements, maintaining the unit's efficiency and keeping the noise levels within the required parameters.
The integrated indoor units have one major moving part, the circulating pump and these are all high efficency pumps, ErP rated, with overall noise levels not exceeding 48dBa.